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You don’t realize how long you’ve been on the road when you’re on the tour. Every game starts, and when it’s over you wrap and start to focus on the next one. That said, this is it. Vancouver, home, Granville Street, 100,000 lbs of food and counting. Heading home, the three weeks was a blur and there was so much adrenaline heading into the biggest game of the tour. So close to the tour goal, and with Vancouver’s pride on the line after Calgary took hold of the single city record for food raised in a day it was primed to be a big day.

So near our tour goal, Vancouver made it clear from the beginning that they didn’t want to just break 100,000 lbs of food, they wanted to raise more food than anyone else in the country and take us well past this year’s milestone. Starting the day, there was no doubt we were well on our way as Natures Path and London Drugs wanted to set the scene, raise the bar, and showed up with nine and eight pallets of food respectively.

As the day poured on we’ve never seen Granville Street so busy. It was bustling like it does during the playoffs and like we haven’t seen since the winter Olympics. With friends from Victoria making the trip over to see how things are done in Vancouver, friends and family waiting on Granville to wrap up the tour, and a DJ and tunes setting the atmosphere it was nothing but smiles all around as FHFF shirts were out in full force and hockey sticks were emerging from the sky train station ready to hit the road.

It’s been incredible to us how the community has come together. From our corporate partners Natures Path offering to match donations pound for pound, to London Drugs sending out teams to our games, and each partner contributing to the food banks in their own way. From bloggers, to media – kids to adults, giant granola bars to oversized animal mascots, it was a statement: Vancouver will play hockey for food.

With the final totals coming in, we had a feeling Vancouver would step up, but we had no idea just how much. Last summer, we raised nearly 43,000 lbs of food in our entire tour. Vancouver was about to break some records. Not only did they step up to regain their record of most food raised in a single day, a record Calgary had broken with their nearly 27,000 lbs of food, but Vancouver’s equivalent of almost 43,000 lbs of food on Super Saturday saw the city pull in more food in a single day than our entire tour did last year!

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