For most of our team, the trip leads up to a massive homecoming in Vancouver. This year, we had an exception to the rule. Jeff is from Toronto, and as such, got to go back home for a little bit. He described it as the best three hours sleep he’s ever had. But we’re still at the halfway point of the tour, and in the case of yesterday, played a game in Toronto’s downtown core.

Yonge and Dundas is arguably the most unique urban spot in all of Canada. The heavy pedestrian traffic, equally crazy vehicular traffic, and billboards everywhere give it a real Times Square feel. It hosts great places to shop, and is even the home of Toronto’s CityTV! You can see the Square, our venue, in the background of their Breakfast Television morning show. But how about being in the foreground?

Just after sunrise, we popped into arguably the highest profile morning show in the country for the second time in our five-year history. Richard explained the cause to everybody watching in Toronto as Jeff and a few of our friends messed around in the background. Knowing the car had to make it to its next destination in one piece, we left Vic and Ryan to get some extra sleep. By 6:30, we wrapped up and went back to prep for the main event.


At 10, everybody re-convened at the square to set the game up. By 11, we were ready to go, along with a pretty solid crowd right off the hop. Even the Toronto Police came to play, and divided the teams to kick things off! As the first game assembled, a second one was organized in less random fashion on the other court. This time, members of Team Tangerine picked up some sticks and faced off against a mash-up of guests.

We’re pretty sure Tangerine took “team building exercise” to another level in Toronto. Not only were they skilled, they had a mean cycle and knew exactly where their teammates were at all times. When they faltered, their goalie stood on his head. It was almost as impressive as the work they put in away from the court, helping acquire donations for Second Harvest Food Bank and getting other participants to play!


Games kept going for hours on end. Goalies stood on their heads until they couldn’t move. Pretty goals were scored until we ran out of highlight reel. Donations kept flowing, conversations kept going, and friends were being made. Things basically reached block party status by the time the final shot was taken.

Overall, it was an amazing success. Toronto has been one of our best-blossoming stops over the past few years, and this time around was no exception. Coming up next is Winnipeg; we’re our way there as we speak.