POSTGAME: Saint John Showdown

Five Hole for Food - Saint John

It’s been a blast of a five day stretch, but our time in the Maritimes came to a close today. It wasn’t without a ton of fun, though, we had a fantastic game in Saint John, New Brunswick!

I remember when my role was away from the road team, as a co-City Champion for Toronto. Because of the nature of our original venue, the day would be one gigantic game, rather than a rotating pocket of drop-ins. Despite the samller scale, I miss games like that to an extent. This wasn’t one of them, but the nature of the event reminded me of it to an extent.

This is because we had two core teams come by today – Evolution Ball Hockey Club and the Port City Coyotes, both of the Saint John Metro Ball Hockey League. Both sides wanted to scale back the competitive pressure that playing at an organized level brings, and had some fun with it. They mixed in some of their friends, and as guests came in, they allowed them to take sides. Personally, I dropped in late and joined the Evolution; a group as smart as they were skilled. Even Seadogs President Wayne Long made his usual appearance, and looked good while rocking his team’s jersey. After everybody burned themselves out, the game devolved into an elimination shootout before we could decide on a winner.

The winner, of course, was the food banks – they were the real star of the game. The Community Food Basket headlined the list, but pretty much every food bank in the city found a way to get themselves involved, and as such, donations were split up amongst all of them. After we finished, we headed on a tour of the new location for the Food Basket. It was really cool to get a look at how things looked last year, but the new area provided much more open space to make things more convenient for both the volunteers and those in need. Carolyn explained to us that they liked to keep three months of stock for the community available at all times, just in case a dip in budget or increase in need were to occur. She explained that the biggest need at the moment was fresh milk and bread; they’re always in-demand staples, but it’s hard to get consistent stock. It’d be nice to be able to help them shift that around.

From there, we grabbed a quick bite at Boston Pizza, and headed on our way to Quebec. Well, mostly. Adam made a wrong turn and brought us to the New Brunswick / Maine border at first, but after we fixed that mistake, we totally headed on our way to Quebec. Tomorrow, we’ll be playing in Stade Uniprix Stadium in Montreal. It’s the first “major” city in the tour by population, but it goes without saying that the Maritimes did some very major things over the past few days. The fun begins at 3PM!

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