Five Hole for Food Founder, Vancouver – Richard Loat

Richard plays road hockey where ever he can and with whomever is willing to grab a stick and run. He’s a diehard Canucks fan and blogs with the boys over at Canucks Hockey Blog. Richard’s been known to go on several hockey adventures the least of which include road hockey in NY and an adventure to find “the big glass NHL logo” which turned out to be metal and not glass at all. It was just really shiny. His latest hockey adventure you ask? Take a guess. I’ll give you a hint, it’s got something to do with a cross Canada road hockey food drive. Follow him on twitter @mozy19

Montreal – Kyle Roussel

Kyle’s writes for Cow Hide and Rubber and is the host of Five Hole for Food’s stop in La Belle Province. He’s our resident Habs fan, but I guess you already knew that if you took a look at his picture. Here’s what he has to say: “I’ll be brief: I like sports. Habs and Dolphins are my teams. Alouettes, Red Sox and Twins factor in to the mix as well. I like food. Aside from canned peas and brussel sprouts, anything goes, especially if my wife is cooking it. I also like movies where a lot of things blow up, people die or that make me die laughing. Star Wars, Transformers, Kevin Smith’s stuff…”

Follow him on twitter @kyleroussel

Ottawa – Peter Raaymakers

Peter Raaymakers is our host for, and the driving force behind the Ottawa stop on this trip. He’s the lone representative of Ottawa’s NHL team and the proud Senators fan on our Five Hole for Food team. He writes for SB Nation’s Silver Seven Sens and represents Ottawa’s half of The Battle of Ontario. As big a hockey fan as the rest of us on this trip he represents Sens Nation in this road hockey spectacle and we’re proud to have him on board.

Follow him on twitter @silversevensens

Toronto – Steve Dangle, Clayton Hansler, and Jeff Veillette

Steve Dangle is one three Toronto based Leafs fans that are helping us make Five Hole For Food hits Leafs Nation, err… I mean Toronto. The man was lucky enough to watch Canada win the gold medal at the 2010 Olympics against the US from a seat within GM Place much to the envy of everyone on the Five Hole for Food team. Steve’s love for the Leafs has landed him some time on Leafs TV and he’s your host for The Steve Dangle Show on Fusion Radio. Follow him on twitter @steve_dangle

Jeff Veillette rounds out our Leafs contingent and if you’re from Toronto you might have already heard of the petition he’s created to get the Leafs to go back to using their old logo. We believe that deep down he’s part Canucks Fan only because one of his favourite all time players is Pavel Bure. The other is Doug Gilmour. He bleeds true to Leaf Nation, blue and white and has enough Leafs jerseys alone to rival Richard’s jersey collection.

Follow him on twitter @jeffler

Clayton Hansler is another Leafs fan working to make Five Hole for Food happen when we hit the Ontario’s capital. If you’re looking for a bigger fan of both the Leafs and the Marlies you might be hard pressed to find one. He’s the third muskateer in the trio of Leafs muskateers that make up the Toronto Five Hole for Food team and is ready to do play ball with fans of all teams for a good cause. He’s a man with a plan and like the rest of the team is amongst this country’s biggest hockey fans.

Follow him on twitter @chansler