Five Hole for Food Begins…
Five Hole for Food was an idea born from Vancouver hockey fans in March of 2010. After an incredible Winter Olympics in British Columbia, Canadian spirit, collaboration and passion was rampant from coast-to-coast. Canada came together over a historic gold medal win, and the result of energy was infectious. Realizing the ability that hockey as a vehicle for social change, a small idea turned into a large movement. The result? A tour from Montreal to Vancouver with the goal of raising food, funds and awareness for Canada’s food banks during a time when Food Banks across the country struggle the most.

The tour’s inaugural year saw Five Hole for Food drop it’s first game in L’Île-Perrot, Quebec. With fans of all jersey colours coming together, this first game raised 200 pounds of food with just over 40 players in attendance, thus marking the start of one of Canada’s most exciting and quickest growing non-profit organizations. Travelling over 6,000 kilometers in just 11 days, the Five Hole for Food team set out across Canada to play nine games, with goal of raising 2,000 pounds of food. In it’s final game of the tour, Vancouver alone contributed over 3,000 pounds of food – doubling the tour’s effort and raising 6,000 LBS of food and shattering the tour’s goal, of 2,000 LBS of food raised, in a single event.

Not satisfied with one go at it, we set our sights on the country once again, and marked an accomplishment that far surpassed the orginal tour. Adding four cities, increased passion and a few more sticks, the tour started in Newfoundland with a goal of raising over 20,000 pounds of food. From coast-to-coast, Canadians were on-board and excited to join the Five Hole for Food team. The crew, willing and determined to play hockey any and everywhere, played pick-up in Canada’s busiest intersections, in parking lots, on main roads and even on the helipad of a ferry in the middle of the ocean. In total, the tour raised 43,000 pounds of food, doubling the team’s goal.

As an annual event, Five Hole for Food aims to increase goals, raise significant amounts of food and inspire Canadians to invest in their communities. Hitting 13 cities in 19 days, the 2012 tour was something special. Wanting to make a statement, Five Hole for Food set out on a mission to raise 100,000 pounds of food in under one month. After 19 days of driving, over 11,000 kilometers on the odometer and 13 games completed, the tour raised over 133,000 pounds of food – with Vancouver raising 43,000 lbs of food – the equivalent of the entire 2011 tour.

The road crew expanded and did things on a bigger scale in 2013, taking a tour bus across the country with ambitions of blowing their previous totals out of the water. Their goal of 200,000 pounds was ambitious, but proved to be much lower than the end result. By the time they had passed through the usual thirteen cities, over 300,000 pounds of food had been raised – in many cases, making a massive impact on the food banks that received the donations.

After four years of continuous growth, the crew went back to their roots and piled into a minivan with a simple yet hefty goal; to raise their millionth pound of food to date. Despite being chased by tropical storms and floods throughout the trip, supporters came out in droves across the country to set city single-year records in donations. Notable donation milestones include the two tons raised by the Canadian Navy in anticipation of our game on the HMCS Preserver, Canada’s oldest warship, and the over 100,000 pounds raised in Vancouver to bring us over the million pound goal – setting the team up for even loftier expectations in 2015.