Calgary (July 5, 2010)

Five Hole for Food has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life to date and it’s been absolutely inspiring to watch fans of all skills and walks of life don their favourite jersey but put aside their allegiances to come together to play the game that we all love in the name of a good cause. It start in Montreal and hasn’t stopped as we’ve crossed this beautiful country. We’ve seen some of the biggest rivals play side by side as they’ve united for the common goal of helping the food banks.

When we started this trip we had no idea that the community would come together the way it has and we’ve found Canucks fans playing with Flames fans or Habs fans playing with Leafs fans. We’ve seen jerseys from the Canucks, Islanders, Flames, Red Wings, Blackhawks, Thrashers, Capitals, Leafs, and Habs come out and the end result has been amazing.

Yesterday we played a game that pit Flames Nation against Canucks Nation in the heart of Calgary and we’d be lying if we said there was no playful ribbing. The beautiful thing was that after the trash talk was aside we were sitting down chatting about the game of hockey. Canucks fans were talking constructively on how the Flames could be better, Flames reciprocated about the Canucks, all different teams were brought into the mix and differences were put aside if only for yesterday.

As this trip moves to Edmonton, Victoria, and finally to Vancouver we hope you’ll come out in your favourite team’s jersey because there’s nothing more that we want than seeing fans that are passionate about their team, passionate about the sport, and passionate about life to come and join us in our cross-Canada venture to try put a stop to this country’s hunger.

By the Numbers

1 – Cause. Flames and Canucks fans put aside the rivalry for the greater good and it was truly inspiring to see hockey fans come together over the game to make a difference.
2 – Broken sticks on the trip. Richard lost Zetterberg and in yesterday’s game Vic lost Sutter.
3 – Cities left on the tour. Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver
4 – Points for Vic in a game that saw Team Canucks pick up the win on behalf of Team White and claw back to make the series 4-2 in the nine game series. The effort saw him pot 2 goals and notch 2 assists.
5 – Orange trucks spotted from Montreal to Regina. Vic drives an orange truck and was convinced that he was the only one in Canada with one.
5 – Provinces played in. Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
7 – Points for Richard yesterday. 4 goals and 3 assists in the losing effort.
8 – Team Pitchers of Molson Canadian downed at our post games at Boston Pizza
19 – Ooga Chakas.
43 – Hours of driving since the trip started in Montreal.
101 – Pounds of food left until we reach our goal of one tonne of food, the equivalent of 2000 pounds.
640 – Pounds of food raised by Canucks and Flames Nation in Calgary for the Calgary Food Bank as a part of their Put the Boots to Hunger campaign.
752 – Kilometers driven from Regina to Calgary.
1899 – Pounds of food raised since we started in Montreal.
4398 – Kilometers driven from the start of the trip.


The showdown was at Eau Claire, the battle was Canucks Nation against Flames Nation. It was a road hockey game based on one of the better rivalries in hockey and it didn’t disappoint. The beauty of the trip is how Flames fans and Canucks fans can come together and play the game they love for a good cause. Check out what you missed and hopefully we see you along the way!


In Calgary we played in what can only be described as a game for the ages. That said,  we’ve decided this is the first annual Canucks vs Flames road hockey game to take place in Calgary as a part of Five Hole for Food. For those of you that weren’t able to come out and enjoy the good times we have something for you to enjoy as we reminisce on a great game and move on to Edmonton our next stop. See you along the way!