Regina (July 4, 2010)

Today we played our fifth game in six days and we certainly weren’t in store for what came our way. After showing up to play hockey for the Regina and District Food Bank we broke out the nets, got the game going and albeit a small turnout they proved we could make a big difference. K9 of the Regina Pats joined us at the game and we want to thank the Regina Pats for their support.

Coming into the game we had raised a total of 714 lbs of food across our first four stops and Toronto had set our trip’s high with a total of 322 lbs of food collected for the Second Harvest. Regina it seems had other plans. After our game today we walked away having raised over 500 lbs of food and the Regina and District Food Bank was beneficiary of 545 lbs of food they didn’t have before. Today’s total raises the amount we’ve raised on the trip so far to 1,259 lbs of food and puts us well on our way to our goal of 2000 lbs.

The game saw Team White lose a heart breaking game 25-24 and go down 4-1 in the series. Their backs are against the wall. They’re going to have to run the table now if they want to win this, but stranger things have happened. Tomorrow we’re off to Calgary for our 6th game and a big show down between Canucks Nation and Flames Nation. Richard’s going to have to come up with a gargantuan effort to come back in this series, but at the end of the day any food raised for the food banks is a win for all of us.

By the Numbers

1 – Blue Dog who joined us to show us what Regina Pats hockey is all about and to help us raise food for the Regina and District Food Bank!
4 – Cities left on the tour. Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver
4 – Orange trucks spotted from Montreal to Regina. Vic drives an orange truck and was convinced that he was the only one in Canada with one.
4 – Provinces played in. Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
6 – Team Pitchers of Molson Canadian downed at our post games at Boston Pizza
9 – Points for Vic in a game that saw Team Red pick up the win and go up 4-1 in the nine game series. The effort saw him pot 2 goals and notch 7 assists.
15 – Points for Richard yesterday. 8 goals and 7 assists in the losing effort.
16 – Ooga Chakas.
37 – Hours of driving since the trip started in Montreal.
545 – Pounds of food raised by Regina for the Regina and District Food Bank!
741 – Pounds of food left until we reach our goal of one ton of food, the equivalent of 2000 pounds
752 – Kilometers driven from Regina to Calgary.
1259 – Pounds of food raised since we started in Montreal.
4398 – Kilometers driven from the start of the trip.


When we dropped the puck in Regina we couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather was gorgeous, we had K9 of the Regina Pats out and we set a new mark for cities to match as we continue along our trip. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy :)