Vancouver (July 9, 2010)

Yesterday we wrapped up what was the inaugural year of Five Hole for Food in the most epic game of road hockey that Vic and I have ever played. Playing on Granville Street was about as surreal as it gets and we certainly went out with a bang as the Vancouver Food Bank set up to receive our largest donation of the trip so far!

With the battle between Team White and Team Red having been decided in our Victoria game we just went out to play a fun game. We had kids of all ages come out and play, we were in Vancouver’s eye, and we couldn’t wait to see if Vancouver could raise more food than any other city. Well Vancouver did more than just raise more food than the other cities. Vancouver came out to our game and raised more food than all the other cities on our tour combined! Our goal coming into the trip was to raise 2,000 lbs of food across the country, that’s the equivalent of one tonne. Yesterday Vancouver raised over 1.5 tonnes of food alone and we’re still waiting for the totals to come in!

It was great to have Hawkey of the Abbotsford Heat out and it was incredibly rewarding to see friends and family come out to what turned into our biggest game of the trip by far. Vic and I had a blast playing out there and despite it being our ninth game in eleven days we were playing hard the entire time and just as ecstatic to be playing hockey as we were back on June 29th when we kicked things off in Montreal.

By the Numbers

1 – Cause. We’ve driven across the country and are finally coming to the end of our epic trip. It’s been a blast and we’ve been thrilled that we can play for such a great cause!
1 – City left on the tour: Vancouver
3 – Broken sticks on the trip. Richard lost Zetterberg and in yesterday’s game Vic lost Sutter. One was the causality of another player.
5 – Orange trucks spotted from Montreal to Regina. Vic drives an orange truck and was convinced that he was the only one in Canada with one.
6 – Provinces played in. Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
20 – Pitchers of Molson Canadian downed at our Vancouver post game at Boston Pizza
44 – Ooga Chakas.
67 – Hours of driving since the trip started in Montreal.
3000+ - Pounds of food raised by Vancouver for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society

4000+ – Pounds of food over our original goal for food on this trip!
6000+ – Pounds of food raised since we started in Montreal.
6,111 – Kilometers driven from the start of the trip


Vancouverites love their hockey. We found that out during the Olympics and that was only reconfirmed when we played our 9th game of the Five Hole for Food tour in Vancouver. For those of you that missed it it was a great game that we wish you’d been a part of. Here are a few of the shots from what was a brilliant day of food raising, fund raising, and fun!


Ever seen a mascot break out moves that could win him So You Think You Can Dance? Hawkey had them going on in Vancouver! For those that made it out to our Vancouver game we thank you!