Victoria (July 8, 2010)

Victoria, the sleeper city on the stop, stepped in a big way in our second to last stop of the trip. The Canucks fans in Victoria would not stand for Calgary holding the record for most food donated and made sure they did something about it. In fact, they helped Vancouver out by taking Calgary down before we hit our last stop of the tour, but now they’ve set the bar high for Vancouverites as we head back to Vancouver for our last game today.

The day saw a spirited battle between Team White and Team Red with the Salmon Kings out to support the Mustard Seed Food Bank. We had Salmon Kings player Matt Siddall as well as Marty the Marmot playing hockey for food and when the dust had settled we had both good and bad news. The bad news first: Team White after fighting hard ended up losing an utter heart breaker in OT as they fell 5-4 to Team Red who walk away with the win and ultimately win this best-of-9 series regardless of tomorrow’s out come.

That said, the good news was that Victoria absolutely obliterated Calgary’s single city record of 640 lbs of food raised and raised a whopping 956 lbs of food for the Mustard Seed in Victoria. Victoria’s generosity raised our total of food raised on this trip to 2915 lbs of food helping us not just reach our goal of 2000 lbs which we set at the beginning of this trip, but smash it.

The scores through 8 games:

Montreal: Red 25 - White 23
Ottawa: Red 8 – White 7 (OT)
Toronto: Red 14 – White 16
Winnipeg: Red 13 – White 9
Regina: Red 25 – White 24
Calgary: Red 10 – White 11
Edmonton: Red 18 – White 21
Victoria: Red 13 – White 12 (OT)

By the Numbers

1 – Cause. We’ve driven across the country and are finally coming to the end of our epic trip. It’s been a blast and we’ve been thrilled that we can play for such a great cause!
1 – City left on the tour: Vancouver
2 – Broken sticks on the trip. Richard lost Zetterberg and in yesterday’s game Vic lost Sutter.
5 – Orange trucks spotted from Montreal to Regina. Vic drives an orange truck and was convinced that he was the only one in Canada with one.
6 – Provinces played in. Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
8 – Team Pitchers of Molson Canadian downed at our post games at Boston Pizza
32 – Ooga Chakas.
59 – Hours of driving since the trip started in Montreal.
915 – Pounds of food over our goal of one tonne of food, the equivalent of 2000 pounds.
956 – Pounds of food raised by Canucks Nation so that they could beat Calgary’s previous trip high of 640 lbs of food raised.
1,312 – Kilometers driven from Edmonton to Victoria.
2,956 – Pounds of food raised since we started in Montreal.
6,011 – Kilometers driven from the start of the trip


Victoria’s contribution of Canucks Nation wouldn’t stand for Flames Nation beating BC on this trip and after we had some fun pretending we were in an Old Spice commercial, we raised 956 lbs of food for the Mustard Seed Food Bank. I’m on a horse.