Winnipeg (July 3, 2010)

Winnipeg marked our fourth game and when we said we’d play rain or shine we meant it. In the sweltering heat with a humidity level that made it seem like we were playing underwater hockey, Vic and I did battle to raise food for the Winnipeg Harvest. On our side we had Mick E. Moose from the Manitoba Moose and with the city under a tornado warning we took “rain or shine” a step further. Lets put it this way, barring the apocalypse we’re going to play hockey at each stop of our trip.

We came into the game having raised over 600 lbs of food and Winnipeg helped us break the 700 lb mark. We’re now that much closer to our goal of 2000 lbs and you can be sure with some of our biggest games ahead of use we’re sure we’ll reach our goal! The game saw Mickey score a goal, and Darren, our first British player of the trip scored the first goal by a Brit (Richard’s excluded from this stat) – yeah, we’ll keep stats on anything.

After we tried to get the Queen to come out to our Ottawa game we entered Winnipeg only to find she was in town again at the same time we were. We’re pretty sure that she’s following us as this is just an awesome cause to be a fan of. We even sent her a text message about coming out to the game but have a feeling she’s not replying because roaming fees must just be killing her monthly cell bill.

By the Numbers

1 – Moose who joined us to show us what Moose hockey is all about!
4 – Points for Richard yesterday. 2 goals and 2 assists in the losing effort.
4 – Points for Vic in a game that saw Team Red pick up the win and go up 3-1 in the nine game series. The effort saw him pot a goal and notch three assists.
5 – Cities left on the tour. Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver
5 – Team Pitchers of Molson Canadian downed at our post games at Boston Pizza
30 – Hours of driving since the trip started in Montreal.
105 – Pounds of food raised by Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Harvest!
719 – Pounds of food raised since we started in Montreal
1389 – Pounds of food left until we reach our goal of one ton of food, the equivalent of 2000 pounds
549 – Kilometers driven from Winnipeg to Regina
3846 – Kilometers driven from the start of the trip.


Sweltering heat, flash floods and tornadoes aren’t enough to stop us from doing battle and raising food for the Winnipeg Harvest. It was a display of great goaltending, as the heat made it almost impossible for them to wear anything more than a T-shirt and pads. The courage to stand in front of shots dressed like that is overshadowed only by the amazing mascots on this trip who have played in their full gear in the heat!


Winnipeg was sweltering but we had a dedicated crew that came out and helped us raise food for the Winnipeg Harvest.